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Friday, 10 August 2012

Research Support Programme under NEW IDEA FUND SCHEME

Research Support Programme under NEW IDEA FUND SCHEME (for CSIR Labs/Instt. only)


In Science it is said that only two people are remembered; those who said the first word and those who say the last word. How many times we, in Indian science, have achieved this feat? Indeed how many times have we, in CSIR, dreamt of achieving this feat? Can we have a step jump in our ambitions in science in CSIR; so that we could be the ones who would open up new frontiers and lead and not follow? The New Idea Fund has been created for members of the CSIR science community who venture to dare, take risks to explore ideas with explosive creativity and novelty. This fund will support pre-competitive research in CSIR on a competitive basis.


By very definition the proposals will be exploratory and support will be provided for proving the feasibility of a possibly far reaching concept in the first place. After the initial funding, If the concept is proved, then the funding would be provided through the normal CSIR funding channels. If the results are such that major technological breakthroughs are likely to be achieved, then even external funding will be sought. However in the first instance, the New Idea Fund will restrict itself to supporting exploratory part of the research.


The proposals in the prescribed format (see overleaf) should be submitted to DG,CSIR twice in a year i.e. on or before 15 September or 15 March.


A high powered expert committee of external, eminent scientists will review the proposals. The investigators will be expected to make the presentations to this expert committee. Announcement for support will be made on 1st December and 1st June of the year. 


The approved proposals for support under NIF schemes are reviewed every year by the Committee which recommends the continuation of support.

Detailed Scheme available here

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