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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Forward spam and unwanted SMS texts to +91-86000-44733

Quick Heal Mobile Security has been protecting Android and BlackBerry users effectively. However, one of the most persistent threats to mobile devices is the abundance of spam, fraudulent, marketing and other unwanted text messages that people receive. SMS (Short Message Service) messages are the most widespread means of communication for millions of people all over the world and the low cost and ease is simply unbeatable.
However, there are many parties that take undue advantage of this medium and bombard our inbox with spammy texts. Some of these are legitimate, yet unwanted, offers from marketers whereas others are simply fraudulent scams that try to entice and fool people. The recent rise in SMiShing attacks further demonstrates this claim.
Quick Heal now provides a phone number that you can forward such SMS messages to. We will take a note of all such messages that reach us and this information will help us enhance our protection.
If you receive spam and unwanted marketing messages, kindly forward such messages to +91-8600044733.
Quick Heal Mobile Security provides a feature that lets users block unwanted messages from suspicious numbers. Our scan engine analyzes such messages and this information is utilized to improve the protection features offered. Since such messages are a rising concern amongst mobile users, the feedback we receive will help us improve the capabilities of our engine. That directly translates to ensuring progressively better detection rates and enhanced security.
  • Please note that one does not need Quick Heal Mobile Security installed on his/her mobile phone to forward an SMS to this number.
  • Additionally, regular SMS rates (as per user plan) will apply to anyone who forwards a suspicious message.
  • The message sent by interested individuals will be treated as a valuable and voluntary contribution to the security community.
  • We also request readers to store this number for future reference.
Click here for more details on Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android and BlackBerry products.
 Source : Sanjay Katkar

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